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Midwest Acutech is a low voltage telecommunications company that opened its doors in December 2013. Mike Stephens and Jason Pike had a vision to provide quality service to customers at a reasonable price. The business started small, operating in a garage and small home office for the first six months. As business ramped up, Mike and Jason were ready to expand into a larger space. This office space and warehouse, located at 702 S Delaware Ave, in Mason City, IA is still the company headquarters.


By the time 2015 rolled around, the company started to make great strides. In addition to business expanding to a point where adding more full-time employees was necessary, there were also business acquisitions.  In March of 2015, Midwest Acutech purchased the company McGee Technology Solutions. Thanks to cooperation from Brad McGee, it was a very smooth transition for all customers and employees involved. There also was an important merger with Stephens Communications. This was a major accomplishment for Mike Stephens, as his father was the founder of Stephens Communications in 1989.

In 2017, with demand growing around the state, we were able to add two full-time employees in Dubuque, one in Sioux City, and another here in Mason City.  Presently we have four technicians in Mason City, two in Dubuque, and one in Sioux City.


In addition to adding hard-working technicians to our team, we have also been able to expand our services we offer. We strive to learn and grow as the industry does and by continually growing our knowledge base, we are able to do that.


As we grow, we continue to work toward what inspired us to start the business in the first place, providing quality service to customers at a reasonable price. Thank you to all of our customers who have helped us grow along the way and those who will join us in the years to come. We look forward to working with you in the future.


Thank you

Jason Pike & Mike Stephens

Our Team

Jason PIke

Jason PIke

President of Infrastructure Services.

Jason is a co-founder of Midwest Acutech. He is in charge of overseeing all cabling projects from MAC work to complete system overhaul. Jason has been in the industry for 10 years.

Mike Stephens

Mike Stephens

President of Infrastructure Technologies

Mike is a co-founder of Midwest Acutech. He is in charge of all system installations and integrations. Mike specializes in phone systems, security and door access systems along with many other trades in the industry. He has been in the industry for 23 years.

David Matz

David Matz

Lead Technician

Dave has been with Midwest Acutech since March of 2015. He specializes in cabling and infrastructure upgrades. Dave has been in the industry for 33 years.

Matt Seidel

Matt Seidel

Level IITechnician

Matt began with Midwest Acutech in February of 2016. He specializes in phone system and door access. He has been in the industry for 18 years.

Caleb Arndt

Caleb Arndt


Caleb has been with Midwest Acutech since August 2016. He specializes in cabling, infrastructure upgrades and video surveillance. Caleb has been in the industry for 2 years.


702 S Delaware Ave.
Mason City, IA 50456

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M-F: 8am – 5pm
S-S: 9am – 4pm

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